IMG_1567Raised in a family of artists, we lived in Italy for the first years of my life. For many years my approach to art has been through the carving of stone sculpture. I use a process called direct carving, which is listening to the stone and letting the stone direct my imagination as I carve. What is removed returns to the earth, and what is left reveals the true beauty and energy of that particular stone.

IMG_1766Stones have wonderful healing properties as well as beauty, and by experimenting and enjoying the creative playfulness of the art, the experience of the finished piece creates those feelings. I am now creating contemporary wearable art pieces that are visually beautiful, healing and transformative. These take the form of pendants and earrings. This existing art form of jewelry began for me by creating earrings for my beautiful wife and other family over the past 25 years.

All of the earrings are kept to a very light weight. Some of the stones are cut very thin and are extremely light weight. While most are a lot less, the weightiest earrings are no more than 5 grams.

Many of the hand carved stones in this jewelry art form are recycled pieces from the sculptures my wife and I have created. Inlaying gold, silver and brass into these small hand carved stone pieces, as well as inlaying gold, silver and brass into bronze, creates a whole new adventure. By capturing the light, and kaleidoscope of color, texture and form these pieces bring about life and beauty when worn. Some of these unique jewelry art pieces are of horn and Czech glass, and others include Murano glass collected by my mother in Italy many years ago. Please enjoy these unique one of a kind wearable works of art.


Ancestor Black Jade Sculpture 18 inches by Christiansen Arner Sculpture.